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Your Gateway to the Entertainment Industry Introducing $XTRZ :

20 years of experience in the movie casting industry

Introducing $XTRZ, the dynamic token revolutionizing the extra casting industry. As the driving force behind, France's leading platform for extra casting, $XTRZ is not just a cryptocurrency; it's your access pass to a world where your holdings take on a life of their own.

Let $XTRZ take your entertainment journey beyond the ordinary.

With $XTRZ, dive into the bustling world of film, television, and theater production. This isn't just a token; it's an opportunity to be part of a thriving ecosystem that connects you directly to the entertainment world.

Already a leader

The French model and official partner "" (extras) has been the leader in the casting industry in France for 15 years, with more than 1,000,000 users, over 300,000 likes on Facebook, and a strong presence on social and main stream medias

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No one is born a star, one has to become it

How to buy the $XTRZ Token ?

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  • Connect your wallet to PanCakeSwap

  • Make sure you are on the BNB Network

  • Search for the contract :  0x15Fa39871338F713cD56F7abFfe1dAbbbdD21E02

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  • Ready ? Action !

$XTRZ holders will enjoy a myriad of benefits, including priority access to casting calls, VIP invites to set visits, and the chance to meet the stars. Your investment opens the door to experiences money can't buy.

Invest in XTRZ and be part of an avant-garde movement where your holdings empower you to walk the red carpet, join the cast, and take your place in the spotlight. This is your chance to play a supporting role in the next big hit — and reap the rewards that come with it.

Join us, and let XTRZ take your entertainment journey beyond the ordinary.

How are we going to make this work ? Our roadmap to the stars :

Early 2024 : Token Launch & Platform Development

Launch of XTRZ token, establishing the foundation of the Extraz ecosystem.
Begin development of the Extraz platform with key features for casting, audition submissions, and user profiles.

2024 last quarter: Strategic Partnerships & Community Building

Form partnerships with film production companies, casting agencies, and talent communities.
Build a robust community around the XTRZ token, involving users in the beta testing of the Extraz platform.

2025: Platform Beta Release & Token Utility Expansion

Release the Extraz platform beta, allowing users to engage with the casting process and earn XTRZ tokens.
Expand the utility of XTRZ tokens within the platform for premium features, such as early access to casting calls and exclusive industry events.

Late 2025: Full Platform Launch & Ecosystem Growth

Official launch of the Extraz platform with full features and integrations.
Focus on ecosystem growth, enabling XTRZ token use for transactions, rewards, and as a standard currency within and beyond in the entertainment industry.

The Star Map 

What is XTRZ Token?

XTRZ is the revolutionary digital currency powering the Extraz platform – a comprehensive ecosystem for the casting industry. Built on blockchain technology, XTRZ provides unparalleled transparency, security, and efficiency for transactions within the entertainment sector.

What makes XTRZ unique??

XTRZ stands out with its unique value proposition in the entertainment industry, being the official partner token of, the French leader in extra casting. It allows for direct, fast, and secure payments within the casting community, offering a real-world utility that drives demand and value.

How does XTRZ benefit its holders??

XTRZ is designed for growth, with a deflationary mechanism that rewards long-term holders. Through exclusive access to auditions, casting calls, and industry discounts, XTRZ holders are positioned to gain as the Extraz platform expands and the demand for tokenized transactions increases.

Why is now the best time to invest in XTRZ?

Investing in XTRZ now gives you ground-floor access to a burgeoning market. As the Extraz platform integrates with more production houses and the use of XTRZ becomes more widespread, early adopters stand to benefit from the token's appreciation in value and the platform's growing success.

Benefits of owning the Token


Ownership in Entertainment


Global Casting Access


Empower Talent Everywhere


Privacy in Your Profession


Contribute to keep the industry AI free


Cut Casting Costs


Transactions in last 24h


Transactions per hour


Large transactions


Years of experience

Current Token supply

1 490 429.43 XTRZ      / AUDIT SCORE ON 02/4/24 = 90/100

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Token  XTRZ : 0x15Fa39871338F713cD56F7abFfe1dAbbbdD21E02

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